Top 7 SEO Trends You Must Get Ready For

Top SEO Trends in 2018

It is only through consistent development of linkable assets that your site will hit a home run ball that achieves hundreds or thousands of links that will increase the global link popularity of a website. –Todd Malicoat.

The LINKS are the quality assets of the search engine in 2017. This year has been an electrifying year for all the SEOers. From “Mobilegeddon” to “Real-Time Penguin Algorithm”, our Penguin is getting smarter with the time!,  all the transformations have brought some minor to major changes in 2018. Now, the year is moving towards its cusp.

Wait!! Don’t even try to think that SEO is getting fader or getting down with the year’s end. A large piece of SEO land is still going to hop up this year.

Undeniably, the SEO is cluttered with conjectured and hypothetical practices because of the unpredictable Google updates. And, with such speculations, SEO experts have proceeded towards the smarter and ingenious tactics. Indeed, it is required in order to subsist in this competitive and cutting-throat ambiance. If you look back, then you would explore that many phenomenal transmogrifications in SEO trends have been evolved up. They actually make the digital marketers curious what is going to be next in the market.

So, it’s the righteous time to discuss the SEO trends, adopting them, the entrepreneurs can take their business to the prominent Frontline.

7 Pillars to nail the SEO landscape

  1. Semantic Search Optimization:

Google’s 2013 Humming Bird update brought many changes in the world of SEO in terms of the keyword relationship. Yes, the keywords have the strong relationship with the customers. The query which they type in the search bar has directly pointed towards the Google’s heart.

Moreover, in 2018, the keywords don’t remain just only keywords. They are the Conversational Keywords. The keywords that communicate with the customers directly. Actually, Google has become smarter day-by-day that now, the key phrases interact with the search engine as well as the prospects. The core essence of the semantic search optimization is that it is an order of the linguistics which focuses on the meaning of the content more rather than the individual content components.

  1. Traditional Links and Brand Mentions:

The inbound links are still ruling the SEO landscape and have been still the important ranking factor. Just, the way has transformed. The Google’s view has changed. It’s so simple. The more links you will acquire, the better you rank.

By the same token, Google takes into account the “implied links” or the “brand mentions” and you will easily discover the ratio how fast they are spreading around the web.

Brand mentions” are merely the words that mention or reference your brand or company without the use of hyperlinks.

Yeah… one more. Relevancy and trend-setting on the social media channel assist you build the implied links and improve the search engine ranking. 

  1. Plot and Write the Quality Content:

The content is always the key to the search engine optimization procedure. Make sure that your content is the kosher to both the audience and the search engine. If you want your websites listing on the page1 of the search engine, then, you have to certainly acknowledge the CONTENT, as the important part of your procedure.

Remember… The Content still holds the throne. 

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  1. Guest Blogging:

Promoting your brand on other sites is the most effective technique to get noticed. It is the most familiar tactic in 2018. After the release of the Humming Bird in 2014, the value of the content is specifically addressed. The quality is the very, very significant element to gain the rank.

So, write the content that your audience craves for it and stick to it for a long. If you have acquired the prestige links, then no doubt, you will be rewarded by the Google. But, don’t violate the ethical guidelines. Otherwise, you will be punished by the search engine.

  1. Visual-based SEO:

It is the optic world. People believe what they will see rather than to hear. Yeah… I know it is the common slang. But, it will also suit for the SEO procedure. A picture is worth more than the hundred words. YouTube is the most effective illustration. Thousands of the videos upload every day and thousands of individuals have been become the spectators.

Many websites have included the videos and graphics to their home page. Google focuses on the quality content, but not the way how the content has been presented to the customers. 

  1. Interactive social media network:

Loved Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?? WOW!! Just incorporate SEO in it.

Social media engagement is the most lucrative and enduring technique to endorse your services in the market. Your rankings can benefit from integrating your social platforms and your website. You can also lock up your position on the social media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and this will directly or indirectly help you out in making the robust positions on the Google page.

  1. Mobile-optimization covers the web-optimization:

It is the world where 1 out of every 5 people owns a smartphone and 1 out of 15 people has the tablet and in this environment, it is like shooting yourself in the foot without any mobile support.

If you are digital marketer, then you must acknowledge yourself about the mobile responsiveness. It means that your website can be easily read and seen on any platform of any multimedia device. If you deliver a bad user experience, then be ready to become the victim of the Google penalty.

Wrapping it up

All these factors have their own accent in their distinct approaches. Don’t forget to concentrate on the technical SEO. Technical SEO is also an imperative factor in this vista. So, also consider the On-page SEO.

Relevancy and popularity are the core concepts of search engine optimization.

Feel free to share some more SEO trends with us. We would love to hear from you.

Guest Post By: Aarif is a creative content writer. Who love to share SEO updates.


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