Technologies and Trends That Will Change Marketing in 2018 and Upcoming Years

Every businessman that understands that the business marketplace is continuously changing and shifting is usually concerned with one aspect: what may the future hold in the next year? Well, lately, for a few good years now, the marketing landscape has been affected tremendously by the newest technology advancements.

Ten years ago, the possibilities of reaching a targeted audience through specific platforms and software were somewhere between very slim to none. Today, in 2018, every small business can spread its message loud and clear out to the world.

If you’re in the business environment for a while now, you might have already understood that knowledge is power. The more you know the more you can implement in order to improve your digital marketing performance and therefore, which means boosting you’re your business performance.

Staying up to speed with the 2018’s marketplace’s trends and technology revolutions is key to defining and growing your brand’s presence successfully and without much loss of budget, effort, and time. Simply put, you should try to acknowledge and adapt to every marketplace change and shift, developing and perfecting a digital marketing strategy that’ll improve your odds of success in 2018.

In today’s post, we’re exploring the uprising technologies and trends that’ll affect the digital marketing landscape in 2018.

Technologies that Will Shift the Marketplace

Technological improvements are always strong causal factors for the change that happens in the business environment and online marketing landscape. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies that’ll affect most businesses in 2018.

1.    AI Technology Continues to Permeate

Artificial intelligence (AI) mostly manifests as a result of smart machine-learning algorithms. This trend is making its appearance in almost every professional sector, from healthcare and manufacturing to academics and logistics. AI technology represents the future of mankind, yet the progression happens slowly and carefully.

Most smartphones now come with incorporated smart digital assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, or Bixby. The growth of AI technology is soon about to blow, so keep your eyes and mind open!

2.    The Internet of Things Will Lead to Digital Centralization

The world’s digital centralization is almost inevitable. If you think about the last several years, technology has moved much faster than it used to move a few years back. Over the last several years, we’ve also seen various types of new devices such as new smartphones, smart TVs’, smarter tablets, smart watches, and hundreds of other “smart tools”.

What could this possibly mean? Well, it means that people have become more attached and accustomed to the digital sphere, relying on various apps and tools to make the quality of their lives better. Soon enough, the IoT trend will take the world by storm, digitalizing even the most ordinary objects like speakers, couches, umbrellas, sunglasses,

3.    Brands Will Leverage Unlimited Amounts of Personal Data

Most of today’s successful brands have already understood the importance of consumer data. In 2018, the collection of customer’s personal data will become an even higher priority for all businesses that interact with customers through the online medium.

Fortunately and unfortunately, in 2018, brands will be able to have more access to data that reflects their prospects’ web activity and digital behaviors. For example, as the voice search industry evolves, a lot of individuals will start using their voice to navigate the web and search for information. The consequences? Reduced privacy of the user, better-personalized advertisements, and potentially better marketing outcomes for businesses.

Digital Trends that Will Shift the Marketplace

Digital trends are always changing, as the big giants (Google, Facebook, and Technology) are always “moving” toward change. Here are what we’ve seen during the last several years: updates, new algorithms, new tools, new options, new possibilities to reach the most selected audiences, new trends, and also new yet important brands.

Well, here are some of the digital trends that’ll heavily influence the way online marketing works in 2018.

1.    Social Media As an Inbound Content Publishing Platform

Social media channels are holding their ground while improving their usability and features as the time goes by. Most webmasters and brands are used to perceive social media as the perfect place to make their content visible in front of a wide audience, with the purpose of leading them to their own platforms.

In 2018, things are starting to become different, as brands are suddenly realizing that social channels themselves represent awesome publication platforms that could prove to be even more effective than their own, professional websites.

2.    Marketing Automation Becomes Even More Important

According to some studies conducted in 2017, approximately 49% of today’s B2C companies are currently leveraging marketing automation with the hopes of boosting their business results, while more than 55% of B2B companies are adopting the same technology.

Marketers will be looking for new platforms and strategies that’ll help them segment their audience properly, target only the right prospects, track what’s working and what’s not, and automate the communication with their email and social subscribers. The purpose is always the same – a better ROI.

3.    There Will Be Even More Video Content

As the mobile use continues to expand and grow in 2018, and as more people already connect to social media using phones rather than desktops or laptops, video content will be even more powerful and effective for driving brand awareness and social engagement.

James McQuivey, a recognized digital expert, suggests that only one minute of quality video content can be as effective as 1.8 million words. By 2019, video content is estimated to represent over 80% of all web traffic. Well, you don’t have to believe these statistics. Log into any social news feed and see for yourself!

4.    The Happy Marriage Between Content Marketing and SEO Marketing

SEO and content marketing used to be two, very different fields of marketing activity. In 2018, the two concepts will seem to go hand in hand, as the marketplace has reached a point where quality content and quality optimization seem keys to online success.

An interesting survey performed by BrightEye shows that 97% of digital marketers acknowledge that content and SEO are becoming a single function or rather a single practice. There’s a marriage between content marketing and SEO, and it generally affects the most important performance metrics that every marketer seeks: traffic, conversions, and customer engagement.

Social Media Trends in 2018

Lastly, let us take a quick peek at some of the trends and technologies that’ll affect social media marketing in 2018.

The Engagement Rate Between Customers and Brands Rises

An impressive study performed by Sproutsocial suggests that 1 in 3 customers tend to mention a brand’s name whenever they share personal or professional achievements on their social feeds.

In 2018, brands are recognizing (even more) the importance of their social engagement and their relationships with the customers. Instagram shows us how 80% of its active users are already following a brand, engaging with its posts in an active way.

If you want to develop strong connections, you’ll have to do more than just advertise your products and content online. You need to keep your customers happy by providing great customer care, awesome communication, and unusual yet effective value propositions.

Customizable Chatbots are the New Thing

As of this point, only Facebook Messenger incorporates over 100,000 chatbots, most of them being built to function in a unique way, to serve specific purposes. Chatbots are mostly used to gather details, instruct prospects, offer product guidance, and also to take and process orders.

If we point our attention to Google Trends in order to observe the history of social media chatbots, we can notice that they are consistently growing in interest and popularity. See the spike right there? It won’t be the first one.

Well, things are clear. Chatbots are a part of the entire marketing automation trend, and they’re here to stay. As social media’s role in the brand-to-customer communication continues to evolve, automated chatbots will continue to facilitate a specific, convenient, and effective possibility for consumers to engage with their favorite brands.


The future is unpredictable. Yet, if you’re a digital pioneer that’s staying up to speed with the most important updates and news, you may predict and influence the future of your business. Both technology and marketing are traveling at blinding speeds, and the best you can do is hold tight and keep predicting. See the big picture and start preparing your marketing strategies for the future crazes, trends, and technology game-changers.

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