saves the time & cost in developing cutting-edge Web Development

How .NET MVC Framework saves the time & cost in developing cutting-edge Web Development?

It’s a fact that nothing is constant in the Application Development world. New technologies and updates keep on making their space in order to deliver better user experience. Over the years, even software development had gone through many changes. Every now and then, some new technology erupted that owes the power to change the development process, towards something an easy frame. One such change had erupted recently, that had created a buzz in the software and web application development field.

.NET MVC Framework:

It’s the MVC framework that had acquired a special place in the field of Web application development.

MVC stands for model view controller, which is used for implementing the user interfaces on the computers. Though it is popular among several major programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, but it is largely used for Web application development for the .Net platform.

.Net is the most powerful platform which utilizes the MVC pattern and developing robust and scalable web applications. MVC helps in managing the complex applications because no other model comes with the ability to focus on every development phase at one time.

While using MVC, the model focuses on the application core, the view helps in displaying the data and the controller plays the role of handling the input.

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During MVC development, the controller receives the requests for the application which then instructs the model to process the information asked with the view. To land at the final output, the view uses the data procured by the controller.

Is MVC architecture, so important?

In the IT world, you should always come up with a strong reason to use any latest trend, technology or framework. Similar thing goes with the MVC architecture.

Yes, it is important to use the MVC model in case you want to add more functionality to the applications.

As per the processing followed by the MVC framework, the codes are separated between the three file types. The web apps which follow the splitting process between three file types, i.e. model, view and controller; will come up with a better and improved functionality. Through the MVC model, MVC developers can design, implement and test the apps without hampering the code organization. Isn’t it great? It means, you use more efficient code and also applied re-use of the code for faster applications.

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To understand the importance of MVC development, it’s imperative to go through its advantages.

Here are the few benefits of the MVC model.

Faster Development Process: A fast development of the applications is what is assured after using MVC model. It support for rapid development. During the web application development using .Net MVC framework, developers can focus on both view and controller, at one time. Through the splitting process, an easy implementation of the business logic is expected onto the web application. With the help of MVC model, developers can develop the web applications three times quicker, compared to other frameworks.

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Multiple views can easily be accessed: The MVC architecture offers the feature of creating multiple views for a model. It is the best solution to provide new ways to access an application, which is in demand today. Once you use the MVC model, you will find that code duplication had lessened down as the architecture is known to separate the data and business logic from its display.

Ideal for developing large-size web applications: The developers, who want to acquire a great control over the application behavior and would be covering large scale web applications; will find the framework, best suited for them.

Minor modification doesn’t affect the whole model: MVC offers an easy modification process without hampering the entire architecture of the application. It supports the basic changes, which are imperative on account of the extra support system. In the MVC pattern, if you make any changes in the model part, nothing will change in the view section.

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Since an MVC pattern is used for large scale web applications and it allows faster web application development; it helps in saving both cost and time during the development process. Also, it comes with the feature of re-using the codes and it also puts bar on the code duplication; it is proved as the most convenient architecture pattern for developing web applications.


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