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Mobile Website Version vs. Responsive Website Version

The website has started becoming the face of the business globally. The only reason we could state is the advancement of technology and the availability of the web on every possible handset. The audience is more comfortable accessing through mobile as compared to computers or tablets. The moment they learn about your product or your service, they are rushing to Google to explore as much as possible. Sounds interesting? Well, this is where a company is challenged. They have to be pin perfect to catch and convert the visitor.

It is observed that 90% of website traffic is purely driven by mobile devices. 52.46% of people are found using mobile instead of Computer or Tablet. According to Comscore, Mobile devices now account 2 of every 3 minutes spent online. Which obligates a company to focus on the presentation, engagement, and speed of the website. A company serious with their digital marketing and SEO has to come up with the trends, innovate and update for the days to pass smooth.

Further, as the competitions are increasing the developer diversified the options of creating a website.

(1)    Mobile Website Version

(2)    Responsive Website version

They are the ones holding a good Competition:

Mobile Website Version

A Mobile Website is restricted to the small screen of your device. It is completely different from your full-fledged website. It has its own unique URL and an overview of the product or service. They have the restriction on their content and information as compared to a regular website. It is comparatively faster and easy to go. Due to the limitation of content, the website is not a fuss. It is very simple yet informative.

Responsive Website Version

As compared to Mobile Website Version, Responsive Website version has its own plus and minus making it stand in the competitive market. It gets adjusted according to the screen of the device. There is no separate design for different devices neither any information is restricted on the screen. You have to update the software or change the content once rather than three different types. The maintenance is easy as compared to other website versions.

Let’s see in more deep,


Mobile Website Version is a restricted website to the small screens of your mobile device. It also puts the limit to share the content and information on one page, as too much information will end up creating the fuss on the screen. This will disappoint the visitor making lose their interest from the product or service.

Responsive Website Design Version is one website for all different sizes of screen. The resolution of the website is changed automatically as it is directed to a different device. It also helps to be pocket-friendly, for a start-up company who doesn’t want to invest much on the website.


Mobile Website Version URL is created on a separate domain or on a subdomain of the website. A separate website has to be created for Mobile responsive which contain different feature and response rate.

Responsive Website Version is the beneficiary when it comes to URL. It helps you maintain all three websites under a single URL. The maintenance gets easier and you don’t have to make changes as per the size of the screen.


Mobile Website Version is started to get SEO friendly. Google has started optimizing every single page of Mobile website. There is still some limitation due to the restriction of words and content. It gets a little difficult to rank with a completely mobile-oriented website.

Responsive Website Version helps to go easy with the SEO and Marketing of the website. All the important Keywords are utilized and necessary Meta tags, description, and header can be added at the backend. The website can be optimized to keep track of traffic.


Mobile Website version helps you play with the speed due to the limitation of information. It helps to keep the website simple and maintain the speed of the pages. It doesn’t take much time to load.

Responsive Website Version has a little tough luck when it comes to speed. It takes more time to load due to Heavy images, videos or Backlinks; this also results in making the website slow.


Mobile Website Version is a bit of high maintenance and a lot of effort is required before a single update. Everything separately has to be done for mobile-oriented website starting from software update, Change in features or modifying the code

Responsive Website Version is compared to pocket-friendly as it doesn’t require too much effort to make changes. A change on one screen is applicable to different resolution and size of the screen. Which makes it easy to update the software or add a new feature to the existing website

It depends on the audience you want to target when it comes to your business. When you are focusing on Mobile driven customer and budget is the tie to a limit, then you can opt for Mobile Website Version. If you want to invest at once for a long time then surely you can choose the Responsive Website Version.

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Aarif Habeeb is the Content Writer and SEO partner at IncodeTech and founder of DMC, a full-service digital marketing company based in Jaipur. Aarif specializes in high-caliber content strategy and SEO. He regularly shares his digital marketing insights on many blogs. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Application. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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