Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – The Next Generation of Business Applications

Today, a successful business is the one that can analyze the data promptly and respond to the customer needs in real time while facing the tempestuous market environment right away. That’s where Microsoft Dynamic 365 comes in.

This solution brings the best Microsoft technologies together so that organizations can turn their business process into a business advantage.

What is Microsoft Dynamic 365?

Dynamic 365 is Microsoft’s innovative suite of intelligent business applications in the cloud. It unifies the Dynamic CRM and ERP capabilities into a single cloud service through an integrated set of business applications covering core business functions such as Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations, and Customer Service.

It brings huge potential to your business through the power of digital technology.

Why Microsoft Dynamic 365?

Microsoft Dynamic 365 offers you everything that your growing business needs. It understands your end-to-end business requirements and delivers intelligent functionalities. It enables businesses to:

  • Start with what they need.  It offers intuitive apps that fit the roles and businesses of the users and help in growing their business in the cloud.
  • Get built-in intelligence with outstanding business applications that infuse technologies like Big Data, Advanced Analytics, and IoT into a process and guide the employees for the optimal outcomes.
  • Enable greater productivity of your business. It connects with the structured workflow of your business applications and also processes with the unstructured work of collaboration.
  • It broke down the barriers between the business processes, productivity, and collaboration by harnessing the most successful technologies like Office 365 productivity suite which includes Outlook and Excel, Azure Cloud, and New Power apps. It enables non-tech users in easy application development.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamic 365 for your Business

Microsoft Dynamic 365 provides customers a modern and familiar experience with built-in insights and workflow. It allows them to use a consistent application platform and a common data model to ensure interoperability and extensibility. The key benefits of Dynamic 365 for your business are mentioned here.

  • Helps in understanding your customers

Dynamic 365 brings together various kinds of customer data and thus allow you to get the complete picture of the customers’ business. Also, you can use pre-built KPIs to understand the customer journey with real-time updates.

  • Enhanced Social Engagement for Better Customer Service

Dynamic 365 offers a user interface to manage the cases on an individual basis. The analysis of centralized data allows the representatives to react on the basis of the current trends. It offers them the ability to socially engage with their audience and bring in the personalized human connection.

  • Quick Scalability

Having an integrated System like Dynamic 365 in your business scales up and down your current needs and strengthen the customer engagement process as well.

  • Security

This cloud-based solution features the robust security and access control of apps and data. It helps heighten security, increases the mobility and accessibility of your business.

Do you the functionalities Dynamic 365 offers to its customers? Know here.

Functionality included in Dynamic 365

Dynamic 365 brings together the core business functions like Finance, Customer Service, Field Service, and Operations. In addition to these core business applications, Microsoft also offers business technologies such as Power BI and Microsoft Azure to create business applications.

Also, two new apps, Power Apps and Microsoft Flow have been introduced by Microsoft to help users in customizing their solution.

PowerApps: It offers a no-code approach for building mobile apps with specific functionalities. For example, you can build an app on time and expenses data runs on mobile and updates in CRM.

Microsoft Flow: It is a workflow engine that works over all the Dynamic 365 apps and the third party services. In fact, the Flow is the Microsoft Versions of the IFTTT or Zapier apps.

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Dynamic 365 is a lot more than ERP and CRM

Microsoft Dynamic 365 is a lot more than a traditional Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management system (CRM).

Power BI, which is the widely used business intelligence tool in the world, and Cortana Intelligence – an artificial intelligence that creates predictive models, are embedded in Dynamic 365 to help the organizations to take actionable steps and achieve their goals.

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