Kotlin: the Next-Gen Android App Programming Language

You must be aware that the Android App Development is a crucial part of modern day technical and economical world. These days, several developers make the use of different programming languages to develop the required Apps. In most of the development phases, Java remains the most prominent language which is used to develop the logic in the apps.

While using Java programming language, the app is compiled with Bytecode, the set of instructions that make the application run on a virtual machine. During the development phases, the app developers face few fixes which require immediate attention on account of the smooth running of the application. To fix the issues, several new languages have been introduced. Such new programming languages are made to use simple coding on the apps that made them active on virtual machines.

Kotlin: the statistically typed language

One such new language is being introduced by JetBrains, for IntelliJ IDEA, known as Kotlin. JetBrains was overlooked for some sort of new language that can ease out their tolling writing, which was earlier done in Java. Something whose coding can easily be customized without any those issues which are quite common with Java. For this, it introduced Kotlin, the statistically typed language which runs on the JVM and JavaScript.

Kotlin is developed by JetBrains with a developer mindset that helps in building Android Apps.

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Characteristics of Kotlin

Here are a few characteristics of Kotlin that makes its usage viable in place of other programming languages.

  • Concise use: Kotlin helps in reducing the amount of boilerplate code which is necessary to express certain programming constructs.
  • Versatile: Kotlin is the language that is suitable for almost every type of industrial application development irrespective of any platform, be it a web, a mobile or even a desktop.
  • Safe: Kotlin handles the most common pitfalls faced by other programming languages such as null pointer.
  • Interoperable: The language is interoperable or say own the ability to leverage with the existing frameworks of the JVM, Android and browser.
  • Tool-friendly: The language is allowed to use the tooling. Through this, the task can be automated and a more efficient and productive work can be expected.

What Kotlin is all about?

Kotlin is all about pragmatism. It means a practical approach is addressed via Kotlin through which common coding issues faced by the developers are easily encountered. It comes with fee by-default features such as:

  • Null-safe: Null pointers come with exceptions when kotlin comes into usage. While using such language, pesky null references or pointer exceptions are avoided.
  • First class delegation: It comes with the feature to allow delegation functionality of a class member to an external function. It allows the proximity to re-use or say the better composition of the functions.
  • Conventions: A series of conventions comes with the language that allows better ways to express the codes. It acts like a domain specific language that offers better research and easy factoring.

Why Kotlin is preferred over other languages?

As you know, Java is the only language which is used by most of the developers to develop apps. Thus, developers are left with no other choice other than using Java App. Java is the language that comes with several historical baggages along with some issues. There are some loopholes in both Java 8 and Java 10 for which developers keep on looking for some useful solution. Here appears the Kotlin, which is made to fill those loopholes with the model language.

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Reasons why Kotlin is a cool language

Kotlin is a general purpose and an open source language that combines in the object oriented and functional programming features to develop the apps which were once developed on Java. It is basically used to cover up the pitfalls faced by the developers during the application development.

Here are the reasons why Kotlin is a cool language.

  • It is an open source language.
  • It combines with JVM or JS.
  • It beholds the data classes and defaulted parameters.
  • It imposes no runtime overhead.
  • It comes with null safety features.
  • It comes with extensive functions.
  • It allows less coding work.

Kotlin is the great language that holds a bright future in Android Development.

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