What are actually Chatbots? A Complete Guide

The mushrooming online businesses have taken the entire world by storm. The introduction of Chatbots development in the digital environment has opened new realms of customer engagement. Chatbots is the newest technology on which companies have been investing millions of dollars to incorporate it into their business environment.  Companies who have already dived into this market constantly ameliorate their AI infrastructure to be able to make smarter Chatbots.

What are actually Chatbots?

Chatbots( “chatter robots”) is basically a computer program that is designed using artificial intelligence or AI. A Chatbot mimics a human conversation with the help of AI and cognitive sciences.  It aids in increasing the customer engagement and help to enhance the business efficiency through conversational commerce.  Chatbots interact with users through voice interface or text messages. It makes use of artificial intelligence that include image processing, audio analysis and NLP(natural language processing) to work efficiently.  An interesting feature of a Chatbot is its tendency to become smarter and intelligent over a period of time. They keep on updating themselves with help of past interactions.

Chatbots can be classified further into two types one is the rule-based Chatbots and the other one is the smart machine based.

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Rule-Based Chatbots:

A rule-based Chatbots response is based on pre-defined keywords that are extracted from the database. When a user initiates an action or a query the Chatbot searches its repository for matching keywords and accordingly sends back the response.

Smart machine based:

As the name suggests a smart machine Chatbot development involves an understanding of the language. It uses the Natural Language processing and AI  for answering asked questions.  A smart Chatbot will answer questions logically even if the question is not specific. They become smarter over the time as they keep learning from their past interactions.

What is the need of Chatbots?

Chatbots are used for scaling and supporting business teams effectively for their customer management. The best thing about these Chatbots is that they can be integrated into any other messenger like facebook, Slack, telegram thus giving it the potential to reach a large number of audience.

1.)    Customer satisfaction and loyalty:  Customers always want companies that provide effective customer support. A chatbot is a great way to increase the customer involvement and grab their attention. It is important that the Chatbot offers real value rather than namesake existence.

2.)    Big savings: Chatbot development involves a good amount of investment but it saves a lot of money in the long run. The cost overhead associated with human agents employed for customer services can be cut down with effective Chatbots. They can also augment the efficiency of customer support by adding relevant information associated with the queries.

3.)    Simpler interface: Chatbots offer a simple interface for interaction which allows the user to communicate easily without any hassle.

4.)    Enhance the business efficiency: Chatbots are available round the clock and can handle multiple queries at a single time.

How can Chatbots help online businesses?

Customers today are tech-savvy and are always connected to the social platform via their smart devices. They engage with their favourite brands and services through this platform itself. A flourishing business needs to consider these points to develop a sticky consumer base. A Chatbot enabled business allows seamless customer interaction with accurate responses to the queries accompanied with personal recommendations and suggestions. With the growing competition in the market space where each business is trying to set their foot and grab the attention of maximum customers, Chatbots are the breakthrough technology.

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Why your business needs a chatbot?

  • Chatbots, as the name implies, are “chatter robots” that never get tired and can be programmed as per the needs.
  • This will enhance the customer engagement and help your business grow at a rapid pace.
  • Thousands of customers can be easily managed at a single time at any hour of the day. It is a known fact that a human counterpart of Chatbots will only be able to manage 2-3 queries at a time.
  • The customer support can be completely automated saving the total overhead costs.
  • Customers will get instant information about the right service and product in case of identical products and services.
  • Chatbot development is a great step for millennial who do not want to invest time in calling customer support. They are more comfortable with a live chat over phone calls.
  • The organizational overall efficiency can be enhanced with Chatbots when multiple resources are burned for a single job.
  • Marketing your business becomes much easier with Chatbots as it reaches a larger number of audience.

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