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Apps gone Smarter- Offer Personalization through Apps

What’s Mobile App Personalization?

A day when you get the desired clothing with the desired accessories for your wardrobe is exactly when you have personalized the wardrobe. Same way when, your mobile phone understands the language of your mind, and offers you the selected apps according to the ones you prefer, it becomes personalized. So to fulfill the purpose, mobile app industry has come up with the apps which serve you the selected apps amongst the millions of the apps available. These apps are called personalization and the work it does is called mobile app personalization.

Mobile app personalization is just another tech buzzword and is the best way to improve the user experience and grow the business. Now a day’s mobile apps will become the gateway to personalized data more than 268 Billion expected downloads will make mobile apps a leading marketing tool, offering a rich stream of personalized data. App gone smart and Personalized apps deliver a better user experience to your potential clients. We can say that Personalization is the pillar of the mobile user experience.

Why Personalizing the Apps?

Like you and your other siblings differ in your likes and dislikes, the same is true with two mobile phone user. One might like a puzzle game and the other a racing game. When your phone has a personalized app, then it will understand the language of your mind, and will offer you the latest interesting app which will enhance the user experience.

A recent data says, when a user doesn’t return to an app in 7 days, 60% are chances that he will never return. Whereas a loyal users make 25% more in-app purchase than the ones who are less engaged. So to get better to the user experience and mobile app industry, these apps become essential.

The mobile app industry market is rapidly growing. According to Incode Technology scientific Marketing teams there are around 1.6 million apps available in the Google play store and 1.5 million in the apple play store. For more info click here   Google play store Vs. Apple Play store.

Through mobile personalization you can make your app make its own identity among the millions of other mobile app.

Mobile personalization is the key to connecting with users and we can say that in today’s market it is so important. Apps that don’t personalize miss out on being an important part of the user’s life.

5 ways to use personalization or can use in the mobile app marketing:

  1. The polite ‘sign up’ Button
  2. Push Notification
  3. Cross Channel communication
  4. Offering choice
  5. Location Enabler

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