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12 Tips for a Future-Proof Website in 2019

Website is the proof of online presence of a company. It becomes the face and representative of the respected industry. It helps to hold the audience and bring them to the door of company. Website is a very expensive investment of a company for the increment in the sales and revenue. It is a powerful tool of communication and a unique way of connecting to the targeted audience. Creating website is a complete use of internet for the betterment of the company. It helps to publish Images, Videos and Blogs to create the online presence.

Whether you are offering a Job or looking out for a New Project, people will look out for your website. They will judge you on your online presence and approach you on the same. It help to create a reach if not now then later. It is difficult to predict the future of technology, it changes within the bat of an eye. In this case it won’t be a wise decision to spend a lot of time on functionality of website, it is a complete Trial and Error process. Keep it Simple yet attractive, make it eligible for all respected changes.

Some points that we should consider for the future of website:


It is essential to make a plan for next two years with your website. You would know the required changes which will give you guidelines to build your website. Plan the pages you are supposed to add and the flow you would carry. Make a plan for first six months, add the feature eventually with the time. This will help you have a clear eyesight for website features, pages and advancement.


Try keeping your website Simple, don’t mess up with the homepage by adding all the possible detail. Let the home page carry its own Elegance and Charm, it will hold you a number of visitor. It is essential to hold the visitor and get them converted through the website. Don’t add too many of vibrant colour or don’t make it go completely pale, try to balance both the points.


Let the flow follow a process step by step, which will help the user to get friendly with the website. Make sure you do not ask for too much of information that gives them a benefit of doubt or bore them up with typing. Try making it as automated as you can, which will lead to easy filling. Make an animated, colourful or moving homepage to improve the user experience.


It is very essential to speed up with the pages. If your website is taking ages to load or to migrate from one page to another page, this will throw a large number of visitors back. A huge difference would be observed between the impression rate, click through rate and converted rate for the same reason. All the marketing strategies would be wasted if the website is wasting too much time of a consumer.


Try building your relationship with your website developers for having them on board and having someone to take care of your website. A website has errors on everyday basis like the website pages are down, the registration is not successful, visitor are not receiving email for their actions and the list goes on. You can hire a firm specializing is software development, they will take care of the monthly maintenance and update as per the availability.


It is very necessary to update features as available in the market. The moment your website is not leading the race, it is easy to toss it out of the competition. It is necessary to add pages as per the demand, add features, and update the software.


The code you use to build your website should be easy to access and welcome all sort of update. The simpler the code the better it gets for the website, it helps it to grow in every aspect. A sophisticated code will just lead to restricted website with no update and no access. Eventually, you would have to start all over again when the website is outdated and no more user friendly. This will lead to a huge loss of finance and time.


It is essential to have a right CMS for your website. 64% of website have collaborated with WordPress for their CMS. It is the most trustworthy website for the blog update, and they also take care of SEO friendly content. Keywords which are abandoned through the restriction of character on Homepage can be added to the blogs increasing the rank of the website and helping it to turn an SEO-Friendly website.


As a client, the first question to your developer should be “Is this website responsive?” It is very essential to have a website which is responsive all kind of resolutions, with the advancement of technology websites are no more restricted to Computer. According to the availability, people prefer Mobiles, Tablets, and Laptops. The website should have same access from different devices.


If a website has a relevant content it can hold a visitor for a longer time on the website. A relevant Images, Videos as per the content will help a visitor the product more easily and give them a picture in their mind. They might forget what they read but they will surely remember the content. A brain catches pictures more easily as compared to words.


It is very essential to keep your website SEO friendly for marketing and Google ranking purpose. The set of Meta tags, Meta description and URL should be coded as per the SEO Expert. In the start it may not be useful but later it will help to create a reach. This will help you give a strong competition to your competitor and will create a crawl, making your website Google indexed.


Last but not the least, it is the most important point to be followed as the owner of the website. Create a relevant backup on the cloud of your code in case of emergency. If the code gets corrupted, you would be having a backup on the clod which will help you save your time for the same. You can directly start from updating and making necessary changes, instead of starting all over again.

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I am Aliya Sayed, Working as a Content Writer for WomenFreelancer  over past 1 Year. Apart from working 9-5, People know me as a Blogger. I have worked as a Fashion Blogger and at later stage pushed myself to Food Blogging. I am addicted to Poetry, Short stories, and Sitcoms. I write Sensitive topics, Articles, Blogs, and Website Content. I am spreading my pen in the sector of technical writing and Poetry.

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